First, I will conduct a careful, thorough valuation of your home, based on real world facts, in an EASY 
to understand format. You won’t get any inflated values just to pressure you into listing with me. You won’t get anything like “I have a buyer right now who’s interested in your specific home, and if you list with me, I’ll bring him by right now.” I’ll tour your home to identify items that could negatively affect your selling price. Many of my findings could bring as much as $10 in extra sales price for every $1 you invest. By the end of our tour, you’ll have a checklist of strategies designed to “position” your home to sell for the most money possible. 

I have developed an EXCLUSIVE 66-Step marketing plan that is unequaled by anyone in the business. I do this because my dedication to selling your home is also unsurpassed. There’s no other way I can live up to that expectation without extraordinary marketing capabilities. I have specifically designed marketing tracking systems for every home I sell. I also have specific update systems so you are fully aware of ALL activity and progress updates on your home on a weekly basis. You will never feel out of touch with me! 

I guarantee everything I do! If you’re not happy with me you may fire me. This places the burden 
of risk to perform on ME, not you. When it comes to negotiating a purchased offer, I’ll make sure that you get the best price the market will allow. I’ll help you understand contract contingencies and details of the closing process, in addition to handling all the paperwork for you. Essentially, I'm here to represent you throughout the entire selling process, and to make sure that your real estate transaction is a positive and profitable experience.